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Based on a WEM™ by HIWATT™ STARFINDER 4X12 loaded with FANE™ CRESCENDO speakers. It's an extremely rare cabinet, and it is the exact speaker used by David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), crucial element of his legendary tone.

This pack contains all the IRs for this cabinet captured with these amazing microphones with absolute accuracy:

  • "160" - based on BEYERDYNAMIC™ M160
  • "122" - based on ROYER™ 122
  • "421V" - based on a vintage SENNHEISER™ MD 421N
  • "421M" - based on a modern SENNHEISER™ MD 421
  • "441" - based on a vintage SENNHEISER™ MD 441
  • "545D" - based on a vintage SHURE™ 545D
  • "57" - based on SHURE™ SM57
  • "184" based on NEUMANN KM184

This pack contains 63 IRs for every microphone and 9 Mix-Ready IRs for a total amount of 513 IRs.

Tech notes: This pack ensures maximum compatibility across all platforms and hardware (IR Loader, Kemper™, Fractal™, Line 6™, Strymon™, Boss™, etc.) with following formats provided: 44.1 kHz/200ms, 48 kHz/200ms, 96 kHz/500ms. Files are MPT (Minimum Phase Transform) so they are perfectly phase aligned to maximize user experience when using in combination with third-party IRs.