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GP POP FILLS is designed to properly let "fills" sit in the mix, or small guitar lead phrases, or melodic / harmonic inserts, a goal that is always difficult to achieve, having to get out of the mix just enough to have definition without going too close or flat or "annoy" some other tool. It's an IR that aims to make a complex sound super simple. Being an IR made with the utmost care I recommend in any case using them and testing them even in different contexts, their versatility will amaze you.

This pack contains 1 Mix-Ready IR.

Tech notes: This pack ensures maximum compatibility across all platforms and hardware (IR Loader, Kemper™, Fractal™, Line 6™, Strymon™, Boss™, etc.) with following formats provided: 44.1 kHz/200ms, 48 kHz/200ms, 96 kHz/500ms. Files are MPT (Minimum Phase Transform) so they are perfectly phase aligned to maximize user experience when using in combination with third-party IRs.