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Cabinet Pack based on a BLACKSTAR™ ARTISAN 4X12" loaded with CELESTION™ V30.

This pack contains all the IRs for this cabinet captured with these amazing microphones with absolute accuracy:

  • "160" - based on BEYERDYNAMIC™ M160
  • "122" - based on ROYER™ 122
  • "421V" - based on SENNHEISER™ MD 421N vintage
  • "421M" - based on SENNHEISER™ MD 421 moderno
  • "VR2" - based on SE ELECTRONICS™ VOODOO VR2
  • "441" - based onn SENNHEISER™ MD 441 vintage
  • "545D" - based on SHURE™ 545D vintage
  • "57" - based on SHURE™ SM57
  • "184" based on NEUMANN KM184
  • "906" based on SENNHEISER™ e906
  • "87" based on NEUMANN™ U87 vintage

This pack contains 63 IRs for every microphone and 12 Mix-Ready IRs for a total amount of 705 IRs.

Tech notes: This pack ensures maximum compatibility across all platforms and hardware (IR Loader, Kemper™, Fractal™, Line 6™, Strymon™, Boss™, etc.) with following formats provided: 44.1 kHz/200ms, 48 kHz/200ms, 96 kHz/500ms. Files are MPT (Minimum Phase Transform) so they are perfectly phase aligned to maximize user experience when using in combination with third-party IRs.