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GP 3NITY is realized combining different miking and post-production of two cabinets: a 4x12 Mezzabarba MZero '69 Cab (loaded with Celestion Greenback Heritage) and a 4x12 Mesa Boogie Recto (loaded with Celestion V30). You can hear these 2 IRs in the video down below and in the samples, they're designed to work together in a dual tracking environment for Heavy Rock, Metal, Progressive genres, but I'm sure they'll work amazing in many other applications too.

This pack contains 2 Mix-Ready IR.

Tech notes: This pack ensures maximum compatibility across all platforms and hardware (IR Loader, Kemper™, Fractal™, Line 6™, Strymon™, Boss™, etc.) with following formats provided: 44.1 kHz/200ms, 48 kHz/200ms, 96 kHz/500ms. Files are MPT (Minimum Phase Transform) so they are perfectly phase aligned to maximize user experience when using in combination with third-party IRs.